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Hi, I'm Fairien,

As a young girl growing up, I knew I would be successful. I had dreams, big dreams, but I really didn’t know what I was going to do. I completed my tertiary education in Business Management and starting working, got married early… like 19, had my first child by 22… and started my first real business at 25. (I say my first real business, because since the age of 14 I had been dabbling in lots of little things).

I left a high paying secure job and went out into the big world of entrepreneurship. I became a mortgage broker with not one client and not knowing where the next dollar was going to come from.  But I had passion and I knew I was good at what I did. I had a belief system that allowed me to be successful.

Within 2 years I grew this business to the stage where my husband was able to sell his business and join mine. We scaled and continued to grow, helping 1000’s of people achieve their financial goals. We diversified, I became a Financial Adviser, we built another business and we became a one stop finance shop winning multiple industry awards. After 20 years of doing the same thing, something inside me didn’t feel right, we were helping clients and I loved what I did, but I found I wanted more.

I ventured into my own personal growth journey, allowing my husband to continue to run the existing business. I invested in coaches, mentors, courses and certifications, to develop myself and what I learnt was that mindset was everything. We have fears and limiting beliefs that stop us from living up to our true potential. Once you can master your mindset and work through your fears and beliefs, the world is your oyster. There is so much abundance in the world, it's about being open and inviting to it.

Most of us live in such a scarcity mindset and are often too comfortable to take the next step into the uncomfortable area where growth occurs. But having guidance and support enables you to have the courage to take the risks to make the changes that are needed.

Once I really understood my why and my purpose, my passion ignited and I wasn’t afraid anymore. I was ready to step into my true calling and do what really made me happy and that’s to help people create a life that they love to live. Helping people align, their head, heart and hands to take inspired action.

How I can help you?


Financial and Business Coaching, empowering you to take inspired action to achieve your goals. Keeping you accountable to your vision, giving you the clarity & confidence to achieve your dreams.


Online courses and workshops allowing you to learn the skills and strategies to you build a life that you love to live. Learn to transform your money mindset and learn to manifest abundance and wealth into you life.


Inspiring and empowering audiences to build a life that they love to live, by aligning their head, heart and hands to achieve a life of financial wellbeing, in a fun, relatable and easy to understand way.

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