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Being Authentic Amid COVID 19 - #myisolife

Apr 23, 2020

As I sat down to write this blog today I thought what do I write, but as I started to write and the words started to flow I found that with all that is happening in our world at the moment I want to be totally honest and truly authentic and say some days are amazing and other days are like WTF.


So my normal life is pretty hectic, I run several businesses because I just love to make my life complicated, I’m a mum of 3 boys, 24, 19 & 14 so that is demanding in itself. I’m a wife and work with my husband, who sometimes thinks I am his personal PA and of course I have my beautiful parents who I love to help with everything.

Now in my #isolife, I still come to the office, as we are blessed to have a beautiful office space where we are still able to self distance. I am working, but I’m not feeling stressed. Last week I ran a launch for a new program which was exciting, demanding and fun, but I didn’t feel stressed.

If I look at our businesses and I don't feel stressed about the numbers, it's not that the numbers are good, by far they are crap and that’s the honest truth. We are busy but just helping people wade through this crisis. But the way I see it is that our doors are still open and we are paying our way forward, just being there for our clients and helping them make the most of what’s available. Just being safe and healthy is what’s important at the moment and I know there are many people in the world who are suffering much more than we are. Not that I’m a political person, but I'm grateful for the help that the government is offering as it's better than none.

Now in life, I always believe things happen for a reason and you see, I think this COVID 19 is something that has been sent to us by the universe. It's been sent as a time to pause, slow down and reflect on what is and what will be. From my over 40 years (not telling you my real age) on this planet, I realised I have always been go go go.

From the time I left school went to college, got my first job, got married, had my first child, started a business, opened an office, took staff, studied further, had another baby, started another business … you get my groove… I have never stopped. Even when we go on holiday's work doesn’t stop. I have told you I have had 3 kids, 1 whilst I was working, so yes I got some maternity leave and 2 while working for myself and I still remember popping them out and the next day working on my laptop helping clients. Why did I do that to myself?  Why do we do this daily grind where we overexert ourselves? During this time of #isolation, I am doing a lot of self-realisation and questioning many of my choices.

I am one who during my ever-evolving growth journey have learnt that you always put yourself first and it's something I have been doing for a while now and I have found that since I have done that, I am probably a better person overall. As when I was putting everyone else before me, I was neglecting my true values and just being a rescuer to everyone and no one was getting the best of me, as I was being pulled in all directions. Now that I put myself first and live to my true values, I find that I am so much more present in whatever I do and I love to do the best at whatever I do, I put my full 110% into.

So with my time right now I am learning to be the best version of myself. A better mum, wife, daughter, mentor, coach. I find that with all the time I have now, I am baking (not always successfully), cleaning (still hate this), creating (which I love to do) and reflecting. I have found time to enjoy the simple things in life, like lying in the backyard on the grass, watching the stars at night, playing board games with my kids and I have learnt how to play cards and WIN! I have also found an exercise that I love – Pilates and I have never had so many long soaking bubble baths in my life. It’s like time has slowed down, there is no more rush. The fast pace has gone and I’m just enjoying this. I’m not rushing for work, to go out, or even shopping. It’s me time and time to focus on how I will come out the other end of this challenging time.

So I would also love for you to pause for a moment and think of how you are using this time we have been gifted. Are you still go go go, resenting the slow down pace? Or have you also come to a realisation that maybe it’s a time to pause and reflect? I may be sounding all nice and calm today as we are still on school holidays, but next week when homeschooling begins again, that may be another story.

However, you are handling this situation, I just hope that you are staying safe and happy, remember it's not forever and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Till then I will keep breathing and enjoying each moment as it comes.

Be sure to let me know how you handling #isolife.


Fairien x


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