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How to Live a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Life

May 19, 2020


As a working mum, I find my life can be quite complicated trying to balance children, husband, parents, working, building a business, having a social life and just having me time.

I found that when I put myself first and yes I know that may sound selfish, I was a much better person overall and was able to be more present and joyful to be around. You see, when I was trying to please everyone else without first looking after myself, I felt like there was never time for me, but I always had to make time for everyone else.

I now live my life on my terms. I believe in a holistic life, once in which we need to balance with our physical, mental and our financial wellbeing. It is about the balance between all three and making space in your life which allows you to live life on your terms. 

So here is a little bit about how I make space in my life to balance all three and live a holistic life.

In my work life, I understand my why and my purpose. By doing this it helps me to have so much passion to do what I do. I love it, work is joy and some days I don't even feel like I am working. By doing this I have found I even attract more clients and new opportunities. I also make sure I surround myself with like-minded people, who lift me up and cheer me on to do better. To say it bluntly I’ve been around people who are always seeing the negative in life, bringing themselves and everyone else down and I really have no place in my life for that. The world is such a beautiful place and full of so much abundance, and I choose to radiate and surround myself with positivity.

In my personal life, I make time for myself. I enjoy reading, long walks, pilates, luxurious bubble baths and some days just binging on the lounge with Netflix. I also enjoy my time with my kids, we make quality time.  We have great conversations, I love cooking for them, whether it be just a simple meal or a gourmet experience. We also do other activities that are fun outdoor things, I also visit my kinesiologist once a month to make sure my body is balanced mentally and physically.

Time with my husband, we work together, so it doesn't mean we have to do everything together. We respect each other and have boundaries, we enjoy many of the same things, so yes we do spend much of our time together. But sometimes we need to do our own things too and we give each other space for that and that's important.

Financial wellbeing, well you probably think I’m a financial adviser so I have it all under control. Well yes now I do, but I didn’t always. When I learnt how to create wealth and life of financial freedom, it made life so much easier. Being mindful about money is so important. I love the finer things in life and I have a lovely collection of designer shoes and handbags which I have collected over many years which most of are just sitting in the wardrobe collecting dust. When I look back now and think of the amount of money spent and what that could be worth in today’s investment dollars, it does make me cringe..but we all live and learn… and that is what life is about.

I hope I may have inspired you to relook at your life and see how you could start putting yourself first and living a happy, healthy, wealthy life.

Fairien x


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