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Savvy Valentine's Day Tips

Feb 12, 2020

Valentine's day over the years is increasingly becoming an over-commercialised holiday, wouldn't you agree? We can thank the American culture for that! We have been made to believe that we need to show our love to our loved ones, on this one particular day and shower them with expensive, oversized gifts. But what about those not in a relationship… How does Valentine's Day make them feel?  Or not to mention the strain that this day can put on individuals expecting elaborate expensive gifts that will most likely break the bank.


Social and business pressure can make people feel like they have to have a perfect Valentine’s Day. But why don’t we forget about what everyone else is doing, stop trying to keep up with the Joneses and spend the day however we want to. We can choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day or not celebrate it, purchase expensive gifts or make a homemade gift. Or we could show our love to our loved ones everyday of the year! 


Most couples say that they feel Valentine's Day should be about showing love and spending time together, despite 62% still feel obligated to cough up money for a gift.

I personally don’t believe in celebrating the over commercialised day, but what women doesn’t love flowers and chocolates, so it can be an excuse to have a date night and do something a little different than our normal routine with the husband! 

So I have 5 tips to help you have a savvy Valentine’s Day this year and focus on spreading the love and not worry about your bank account in the process. 


    1. Movie Night at Home

No need to head to the movie cinemas for your date night, stay at home and watch the latest movie or series. With Netflix, Stan, Apple TV and more you don’t need to leave the comfort and convenience of your own home. Just prepare some of your favourite movie snacks, dim the lights and enjoy the night on your comfy lounge.


    2. Home Cooked Meal

Dining out can be nice… but not when they charge you double just because it’s Valentine’s Day! Instead, stay in and cook a homemade meal. You don’t have to be a master chef and prepare an extravagant dinner, just cook something simple and easy that you both enjoy. Making a dish from the heart and putting in the effort will go a long way. If you feel like being a bit fancy then decorate the table add some candles, layout the cutlery, pop a bottle of wine and chat the night away.


     3. Be a tourist in your town or city

There’s lots to do here… in your local town or nearest city! No need to book an expensive overseas holiday, flights interstate or a fancy hotel room, when you can explore what your local town or city has to offer for the day. Write up an itinerary of things you can do from going to the zoo, having a picnic, visiting a museum or art gallery, visiting a local market or going for a drive just to name a few. Why not pack a picnic lunch to have while you explore to save you some extra coin. There might be lots of things to do so, save some ideas for your next date!


     4. Make a gift

Why pay for overpriced, oversized teddy bears or heart-shaped chocolates when you can make something from the heart. A homemade gift is a great present to give to not only save money but show that you care by putting in that little bit of effort. You can make anything from a handmade card, baked sweets, a home-cooked dinner or wash the care for your loved one, to name a few. Whatever you decide, just make it full of love and personal!


    5. Look for deals – don’t get caught up paying for overpriced

Do your research. No need to pay for overpriced food, events or presents just because it’s Valentine’s Day. All you have to do is a little research online and look for restaurants, events, etc. offering 2 for 1 or buy one get one FREE deals and make the most of them!


There are plenty of ways to share the love without breaking the bank. Give one of these 5 tips ago this Valentine’s Day! And don’t forget to share this with your loved one so they have some savvy ideas this Valentine’s Day. 

Fairien x


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