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Spring Clean Your Finances

Sep 24, 2019

With spring upon us, the sunny days and the warmer weather many people begin new health routines. Eating healthier and exercising after the cooler winter weather, where we may have gained a few extra kilos.

Spring is also the time to freshen up the house with a spring clean and get the garden in shape with planting some fresh seedlings.

But have you ever thought that Spring could also be the time to give your finances a spring clean.

Give them a fresh overhaul and remove all those cobwebs.

My top tips to giving your finances a spring clean:

  1. Check through your bank statements and review your spending.
    • Do you have any reoccurring payments that you are not using
    • Are your accounts fee free – look for fee free accounts there are many in the market
  1. Do you have credit cards that you are struggling to pay off
    • Look at consolidating them into one loan at a lower rate
    • Search low interest balance transfer solutions
  1. Home Loan Health Check
    1. Give your home loan a health check
      • Ring your broker or bank to ensure that you are getting the best interest rate
      • Round up your payments and start making extra payments on your home loan
    2. Cash flow
      • Review your spending patterns, what are you spending on?
      • Set yourself a budget for the coming 12 months
  1. Goals
    • Set or Review your goals
    • Are you on track?
    • Make yourself a vision board of what are you looking to achieve
  1. Bills
    1. Review your bills
      • Ring your utility companies and ask for a better deal
  1. Health Insurance
    1. Review your health insurance provider
      • There are many comparison sites, where you can review your health insurance

Take the time to review your finances and make sure everything is in order.

By doing this you are putting in place good habits and you know that you are in a better place, financially and mentally. As you will definitely save a few dollars reviewing your bills. Mentally you have just removed some financial stress knowing that you have just given your finances a good spring clean.

Now you can enjoy the warmer weather and start working on achieving those goals.

Fairien xx


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