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How to be financially savvy amid COVID 19 (Coronavirus)

Mar 18, 2020

You most likely have been hearing and seeing the devastating impact the Coronavirus is having on the world. This unprecedented event is a global pandemic and has brought with it a wave of social panic, employment disruption and financial market volatility. 

People react to situations differently, some people may be experiencing fear, uncertainty and anxiety, while others will see this as an opportunity.

However you are taking this, we want you to remain calm, be kind, patient and continue to spread the love (virtually), not just to everyone else, but especially to yourself.

I'm sending you lots of love and positive vibes hoping that this situation passes quickly and we can all get back to our normal lives.


To keep abreast of the situation, these are my top tips on how you can be financially savvy amid COVID 19. 

#1 Meditate 

When you meditate and breathe you focus on the front area of your brain which allows you to be less...

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How to set and track your financial goals

Mar 09, 2020

Do you set financial goals? 

Setting financial goals provides you with direction, you know what you are working towards or what your money is working towards. You have a clear focus, clarity and it gives you control. Setting goals can also give you motivation as you are striving to achieve something. 

When you set yourself financial goals you are making a plan for your money. You determine what you want your money to go towards, what you want it to pay off or what you might be saving it for. 


There are lots of different financial goals you can set. Here are the top 10 financial goals most individuals have:

  1. Saving for a house 
  2. Starting a business 
  3. Paying off debt 
  4. Saving for retirement 
  5. Saving for a holiday 
  6. Building an emergency fund 
  7. Paying off a credit card
  8. Saving for a car
  9. Saving for preschool/daycare/school/university fees 
  10. Saving for other large items 


Once you have your goal in mind you need to be able to...

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Financial Wellbeing - Self-care for your finances

Feb 25, 2020

Most of us understand the importance of self-care and wellbeing. We talk openly about our health wellbeing and our mental wellbeing, but what about our financial wellbeing.

I believe to live a holistic life we need to have a balance with our health, mental and our financial wellbeing. We need to be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy. Especially given the statistics by AMP 2019 Financial Wellness Report that 2.44 million Australians are suffering from financial stress. 

So what is Financial Wellbeing, “Financial Wellbeing is about a sense of security and feeling knowing you have enough money to meet your needs. It's about being in control of your day-to-day finances and having the financial freedom to make choices that allow you to enjoy life.

Many people find money a topic that they don’t want to talk about or that seems taboo to talk about. There are so many more interesting things in life to focus on rather than money. But what happens is that when people bury their...

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How to be a Savvy Bridesmaid

Feb 20, 2020

What an honor it is to be asked to be a bridesmaid or maid of honor for a friend or family member! You get to be a part of your loved one's special day and stand beside them as they get married. But it's also a massive responsibility and can come with a number of financial expenses. Everything adds up quickly and when the word wedding is involved the price just seems to automatically be bumped up am I right!

As you prepare to celebrate your loved one’s relationship milestone, there is one thing to keep in mind: your bridesmaid budget. First things first it is important to have a discussion with the bride on who pays for what. What are you going to pay for and what do they want to pay for? 

The list of items needed as a bridesmaid includes everything from purchasing a dress to hair and makeup, a tan, nails, shoes, jewelry, possibly even travel and accommodation. 

 Let’s not forget about all the pre-wedding events and activities from the engagement party to...

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Savvy Valentine's Day Tips

Feb 12, 2020

Valentine's day over the years is increasingly becoming an over-commercialised holiday, wouldn't you agree? We can thank the American culture for that! We have been made to believe that we need to show our love to our loved ones, on this one particular day and shower them with expensive, oversized gifts. But what about those not in a relationship… How does Valentine's Day make them feel?  Or not to mention the strain that this day can put on individuals expecting elaborate expensive gifts that will most likely break the bank.


Social and business pressure can make people feel like they have to have a perfect Valentine’s Day. But why don’t we forget about what everyone else is doing, stop trying to keep up with the Joneses and spend the day however we want to. We can choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day or not celebrate it, purchase expensive gifts or make a homemade gift. Or we could show our love to our loved ones everyday of the year! 


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5 Easy Steps To Setting & Actually Achieving Your 2020 Goals

Jan 20, 2020

Do you have big goals for 2020?   

I have 5 handy steps to help you set and achieve your goals to make 2020 your best year yet. 

Step 1: GET CLEAR - Who do you want to show up as in 2020?  What habits do you want to bring to 2020?  What habits do you want to leave behind?  What do you want to achieve in 2020?  How will you feel once you have achieved this goal?  

Step 2: WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN - You are 47% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. Be specific with each goal - What/Why/When. 


What: I want to save $1000

Why: So that I can have spending money when on holidays 

When: I want to have $1000 saved by July 2020  

Step 3: VISION BOARD - Create a vision board with your goals on it. Either digital (you can save as your screen saver on your phone or laptop) or physically print out photos and stick to your board. Use photo/quotes; either...

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Feeling the effects of post Christmas financial stress?

Jan 05, 2020

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year, with the festive and summer holiday season all rolled into one. Time spent with family, friends, gifts, travel and all that food, it’s hard to get back to the routine of normal life. And even then an even bigger shock hits us at the end of January and when we start to see those credit card bills roll on in. The realisation sets in, that we have probably spent more than we may have budgeted and those new year resolutions we just made …. how are we going to keep them?

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, we can’t dwell on the past. But we can make plans to improve ourselves and make better decisions moving forward otherwise we will end up in the same rut forever.

So, what’s our plan:

  1. Face your fears and let go of the guilt – Make a financial plan, so that you can lead a happy, healthy, wealthy life.
  2. Cashflow – Understand your cashflow. What income do you have coming in and what do you have going...
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5 Top Tips To Be Savvy This Christmas

Nov 14, 2019

With only 6 weeks left till Christmas, now is the time to get organised so you don’t end up repeating the same last-minute mistakes as last year. “But it’s not even December yet” I hear you say! With Christmas decorations popping up in stores and Santa’s arrival pending, it's best to get organised now! We all know how quickly those weeks fly and before you know it, it will be Christmas Eve and we still don't have anything to give Aunt Suzie.

Christmas can be a sometimes stressful and challenging time of the year for many. From trying to organise Christmas lunch, shopping for gifts, managing the budget and getting the whole family together. 

My key tip is to plan ahead and be prepared for Christmas early! This will not only allow you to be super organised and enjoy Christmas day without the stress, but also not break the bank whilst in a last minute rush. 

To help you prepare for the fast approaching holiday season, I would like to share with...

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Spring Clean Your Finances

Sep 24, 2019

With spring upon us, the sunny days and the warmer weather many people begin new health routines. Eating healthier and exercising after the cooler winter weather, where we may have gained a few extra kilos.

Spring is also the time to freshen up the house with a spring clean and get the garden in shape with planting some fresh seedlings.

But have you ever thought that Spring could also be the time to give your finances a spring clean.

Give them a fresh overhaul and remove all those cobwebs.

My top tips to giving your finances a spring clean:

  1. Check through your bank statements and review your spending.
    • Do you have any reoccurring payments that you are not using
    • Are your accounts fee free – look for fee free accounts there are many in the market
  1. Do you have credit cards that you are struggling to pay off
    • Look at consolidating them into one loan at a lower rate
    • Search low interest balance transfer solutions
  1. Home Loan Health Check
    1. Give your home loan a health check
      • ...
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Australians Have Low Financial Literacy Knowledge

Aug 23, 2019


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela

As I watch my son in Year 12 study for maths I find it interesting that he is doing a chapter on everyday finance and having both a mother and father in finance, growing up around loans and investments and been to numerous wealth building seminars, he has mastered this chapter… not that I can say that about the chapter on calculus.

But this made me think, not all students do this level of maths in year 12, if they study maths at all, given that maths is not a compulsory subject. The other fact is that if you studying even higher levels of maths then you focus on more complex mathematics and what about the students who leave to do a trade or apprenticeship, how do they learn financial literacy.

The recent Households, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey attempted to measure the levels of financial literacy in Australia. The surveyed 17,000 people...

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