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20 Years In Business

Jul 05, 2019

This month July 2019 marks my 20 years in business. As I reflect on my journey, I look back at the ups and downs and what I have been through to get to where I am now. I’m not saying that everything is perfect yet, as I am a creator and I love to create which means I am on a constant journey of improving and creating new things – mainly being businesses.

I was so young and naive when I started my first business. I left a very well paying job to the dismay of my parents and decided that I would take my destiny in my own hands. I must say my husband supported me then and still supports all my crazy ideas.

My first business being a Mortgage Choice franchise – Mortgage Brokering was still in its infancy and here I was taking the plunge. Instead of going to the bank, people would come to me and I would arrange finance for them to make their dreams come true, of buying their own house or investment property. These days Mortgage Brokering caters for approximately 60% of...

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It’s Time To Adult With Your Money!

Jun 21, 2019

Money it’s one of those taboo subjects no one really wants to talk about.. we work hard to earn it and we love to spend it… but do we really know how to manage it.

Everyday people get up and go to work to make a living. The average Australian salary is about $80,000 per annum, which gives you a net pay of about $61,000, just over $1,150 per week in your hand. Not forgetting that 9.5% of this $80,000 is being paid into your superfund, being invested for your retirement…(i’ll address super investments and the tax you’re paying in another blog).

So when we look at the $1,150 per week that you have in your hot little hand…what are you spending it on? Of course, we have our fixed expenses for our necessities of life, such as our rent, bills, loan payments and food. But with our variable expenses are we really watching what we spend on or just tapping as we go.

There comes a point in our life when we must adult with money and understand what we are...

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First Time Parents Regret Not Being Financially Ready

May 24, 2019

Being a first time parent is a big step, not just the pregnancy or planning the birth, but 49% of respondents to a recent survey by wished they had more savings before starting a family.

One in eight wished they had bought a home and one in 10 would like better job security.

In 2016 the median age for a first time mum was 30.5 according to the Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data. Becoming a parent is not just all about emotions and setting up nurseries, choosing prams and having baby showers. That new little bundle of joy also comes with added expenses which need to be budgeted for like nappies, swaddle wraps, baby wash and so on.

| Being a first time parent is a big step

With one parent taking time off to care for the baby, the cash flow suddenly reduces and if you haven’t planned, what should be a joyous time, can become financially quite stressful.

The survey results also showed that 9% would have liked to be debt free and 8% would like to have had...

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