Hi, I’m Fairien Azeem and I created the Financially Savvy Society to empower women to take charge of their financial future, improve their financial literacy and build the financial empire they deserve.

As a financial adviser I have worked with 1000’s of people and helped them reach their financial goals. But financial advice is expensive and the financial advice system in Australia is broken, even after the Banking Royal Commission. Financial advice is based on products and advising what products are right for you according to the strategies you need implemented. It’s full of compliance, regulations, rules and still measured on the amount of funds under management (FUM). Don’t get me wrong financial advice is important, but it's not for everyone, on average only 20% of people get advice and it's usually in the age bracket of 55-64 or very high income earners. But the people who need the advice don’t get it and why, usually due to the cost and complexity of financial advice.

What people need is financial education, they need to be able to improve their financial literacy skill so they can make informed decisions. You see, money is important, it does make the world go around, it’s our currency of trade - You need to learn how to earn it, spend it and save it.

But financial skills are not something we are taught about, at school, university, the workplace or even at home. We seem to just potter along and make it up as we go. Most people are always looking for the best education to be able to earn the most amount of money, but when they earn that money they know how to spend it, but have no idea how to manage or invest it to create wealth and a life of financial freedom.

At the Financially Savvy Society, we educate you on all things finance. Knowledge is the most important step in creating wealth and building a life of abundance. Having knowledge gives you the power to make choices that can help you achieve financial freedom.

We focus on educating women, as money and finance is always seen to be a men's game. But did you know that research shows that women are the main decision makers and pillar of the household. By educating women to improve their financial literacy skills, they are able to improve the financial wellbeing of their whole family and pass those skills onto their children so they can also make informed financial decisions.

We teach you to align your heart, head and hand to gain the financial freedom and independence you desire. We teach you to understand your money story and how to transform it to one where you can create a life of abundance.

So it doesn’t matter what life stage you are at, it's never too late to start working on your money journey.

I invite you to join our community and build a life of financial confidence, security and freedom.

Fairien x

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