We make finance fun, sexy and fabulous!

Looking to learn more about finance and money, but tired of listening to the boring lectures, with all that jargon.

Well, at the Financially Savvy Society, our workshops are designed by women for women. We teach in a way that is relatable, engaging and easy to understand. We understand your everyday money and finances struggles.  

We empower women to feel confident and secure with making financial decisions.  We have fun, laugh a lot, some woo woo stuff,  a bit of boogie and lot's of engaging information and of course food and drinks.

We help women master the skills and strategies to improve their financial wellbeing and build a life full of abundance, for themselves and their families.


Our workshops are not like the norm!


Whether you attend one of our workshops, masterclasses, expos or retreats you will join an amazing group of women who are all on a similar journey to improve their financial wellbeing.

Transform your confidence, money skills and learn to make savvy financial decisions in a fun, sexy and fabulous way. Be empowered with systems and strategies that are guaranteed to teach you how to build a life that you love to live.

*Due to COVID 19 currently we have no dates available for in person 

Financially Savvy Society Workshops.* 

We will provide an update in the near future.

Master your own financial plan in our easy to follow 8 step framework and map your journey to financial freedom. Transform your confidence, money skills and learn to make savvy financial decisions.

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This workshop helps you to transform your money story. Learn to uncover and work on your mindset. Unpack your money fears, blocks, beliefs and habits and learn to manifest abundance into your life.

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Become a Cashflow Queen. Elevate your mindset and boost your cash flow. Give your money a purpose and learn how to tell your money where to go, rather than wondering where it went.

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Here what our latest savvy workshop ladies had to say:


"Worth every cent!" - Mimi

"Wonderfully presented, engaging information, realistic and able I was able to make great connections" - Saima

"Such an amazing workshop with very achievable goals" - Crystal 

"Fairien you are amazing and an inspiration. Great workshop. WELL DONE!" - Melinda

"Everything was well presented. Can't wait to start my homework." - Jasmine

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