Be Inspired... Ready to join a mastermind designed for women in business accelerating to the next level? 


Are you ready to work on your business not just in it?


With over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, running several successful businesses, I know how to inspire and empower you on your growth journey, while helping you build a life that you love to live.

Inspire Mastermind is designed to help you work on your business and learn the skills and strategies to take action that will elevate your business to the next level.

Break through your money fears, reduce the business overwhelm, and implement strategic plans to achieve your business goals.

No excuses here... if you're looking for guidance, support and are ready to be held accountable Inspire Mastermind is for you. Join a group of like minded women ready to support you on your journey.

Start implementing your big business goals and earn your true potential today.

Fairien Azeem Inspire Mastermind high level coaching program for women in business

Tired of the Business Overwhelm?

I've got you!


1. You’re lonely in business

You have a wide group of friends and an amazing family but not many of them understand the business journey and being an entrepreneur. You’re looking for the support network of like minded women who are all on the same journey as you.

As part of the Inspire Mastermind community you will be surrounded by like minded women, who are taking steps to build their dream businesses - we are stronger together.

2. You seem to be forever working in your business.

You’re tired of just working. You want to be the CEO of your business. You have big dreams, but never seem to have the time or courage to plan and implement your vision.

Inspire Mastermind empowers you to be the CEO and make time to create a strategic roadmap for your business growth. You will develop the skills and strategies to implement your vision.  

3. You want to earn more, but don’t know how.

Money fears and limiting beliefs are stopping you from earning your true potential. You want to achieve financial freedom and independence but don’t know how to charge your true worth and stop trading time for money.

Financial freedom is in your destiny. Inspire Mastermind teaches you to uncover your money blocks and limiting beliefs. Change your money story, charge your true worth and start earning your dream income.

Fairien Azeem Inspire Mastermind a group of women in business


Be part of the inner circle. A group of like minded women who are all on a mission to grow their business and build a life they love to live.


Fairien Azeem Inspire Mastermind proven framework for success


Through a set monthly coaching program,  follow a framework designed to help guide you on your business journey.

Fairien Azeem Inspire Mastermind take your business to the next level


Dream Big! You will be supported on your journey, allowing you to have the courage to grow your business to however your heart desires.

Why a Mastermind?


A mastermind allows you to be part of a group of like minded individuals who are all on the same journey. Business can be very lonely and a mastermind group is a place where we all understand the ups and downs of business, being an entrepreneur and life.

I personally believe that being part of a mastermind has enabled me to grow my businesses to the level they are today. Being part of an environment where you are in a safe space, able to openly ask questions and receive honest feedback from other entrepreneurs is priceless.

Masterminds enable you to be part of an intimate group of business owners, where you are able to scaffold off each other and grow.

As part of the Inspire Mastermind we limit our groups to small intimate groups and one person in each group per industry type. Allowing you to feel comfortable and confident to grow your business in a safe space.

Fairien Azeem Inspire Mastermind intimate mastermind group for women in business

Is Inspire Mastermind right for you?

  • You want to succeed in business
  • You are a coach, consultant or other service based business owner
  • You are highly motivated to achieve your goals
  • You have been in business for at least 12 months
  • You are ready to take your business to the next level
  • You are inspired to earn over 6 figures and break through your money fears
  • You are looking for clarity on how to grow your business to the next level, including tools, skills and strategies
  • You want to reduce the business overwhelm
  • You are looking for support and accountability
  • You want to be part of a group of like minded women, ready cheer each other on

Does this sound like you?... Then Inspire Mastermind is right for you!


Inspire Mastermind offers a safe haven for female entreprenuers looking to grow.

Fairien Azeem Inspire Mastermind work smarter not harder

I'm with you on your journey


I created Inspire Mastermind to help women in service based business grow their business to the next level. I have experienced first hand the endless opportunities that mastermind groups can provide. Combining my over 20 years business experience and personal development. I have created a mastermind to empower women with the skills, strategies, and knowledge to grow their business and earn their true potential.

I understand the everyday struggles of being an entrepreneur whilst still living your life being a mum, carer and partner.  I know that once you start to live life true to your purpose, how good life can be! That is why I am with you every step of the way teaching, guiding, supporting and encouraging you to take massive action. 

Inspire Mastermind is about working smarter not harder so that you can take your business to the next level, implement your big business goals, change your money story and build a life you love to live without the business overwhelm. 

Your Success Framework

Fairien Azeem Inspire Mastermind proven success framework to reach your business goals

What our students have to say...



"I love seeing what group members in other business industries are doing and achieving. I love the tools and I really appreciate Fairien's ongoing encouragement and support throughout."


"Fairien has guided me with warmth and genuine connection. Under her mentorship, I have been able to grow my opportunities and my business. Mostly though, I have been able to personally grow through Fairien's unwavering belief in my success. She is a true light!"

Here's some of the awesome things you will get when you join Inspire Mastermind 

Fairien Azeem Inspire Mastermind monthly group coaching

Monthly Group Coaching

Every month you will set goals and be held accountable to take action. Being a part of a group of like minded women allows you to scaffold of each other and encourage each other to create your dream business.

Fairien Azeem Inspire Mastermind monthly masterclasses

Monthly Masterclass

Monthly sessions giving you solid action steps that you can implement into your business to increase your revenue, secure  more quality clients, build your audience and create a life that you love to live.

Fairien Azeem Inspire Mastermind monthly Q&A sessions

Monthly Live Q & A 

Be in the hot seat and ask specific questions about your business that you need answered. Voice your ideas and benefit from the collective experience of the whole group and my expertise. 

Fairien Azeem Inspire Mastermind private community of women

Private Community

A great place to ask quick questions and share your wins.

Fairien Azeem Inspire Mastermind resource to grow your business

Exclusive Resource Vault 

Access my resources to help you grow your business.

Fairien Azeem Inspire Mastermind business templates to maximise your potential

Amazing Templates

Business templates designed to maximise your potential.

Fairien Azeem 1:1 Business and Money Coaching

1:1 Coaching 

Monthly 1:1 coaching session to deep dive with me on your business

Let's Chat!

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