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Fairien is an entrepreneur and has been in the finance industry for over 20 years. She holds with a wealth of knowledge, being a former mortgage broker and financial adviser. 

Now as a financial educator, coach and mentor she helps people align their heart, head and hands to build a life that they love to live.

Fairien is passionate about living a life true to your purpose, improving your financial literacy and building wealth.

Her infectious energy lights up the room and turns what is normally a boring and mundane topic of finance and money into one that is fun, relatable and easy to understand. 

She is a passionate entrepreneur with a goal to empower individuals with the financial skills necessary so they can build and live a life of financial freedom. 

Fairien speaks on the following topics:

Financial Wellbeing

Is a key component to living a happy life. It is the sense of security and being able to manage your financial needs. It is about enjoying life, knowing that you have the financial freedom to do so. It is about being in control of your finances.

Financial Literacy

Knowledge is power and it allows you to make informed decisions about your money. It is important we understand our finances, to have clarity and confidence in making money decisions to build the financial future of your dreams.

Building a Life you Love

Empowering you to align your values, goals and be true to your purpose. What inspires you? Lights you up? What are the big goals that you want to achieve? What legacy do you want to leave? Start living your life for yourself.


Hear what others have to say...

Business Chicks Australia

"Fairien is an absolute pleasure to work with! She provides clear, actionable steps to her teachings in conjunction with inspiration and connection, something that not all speakers can achieve via an online event."

FEMA Australia

"Wow, what a lovely and insightful presentation!

All our members thoroughly enjoyed Fairein's presentation and insights."

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